Places you must visit in 2017


Once a year go somewhere you’ve never been before.

Travelling is education. Seeing the world provides education that is impossible to get in school. For this reason and for many more, the best investment that you can do for yourself is to visit as many different places around the world as you can. The 2017 can be a year for you to expand your horizons by visiting places you’ve never been before. Here are some suggestions that you may like:

1. Lapland,  Finland

Finnish Lapland is a wonderland foe those who chase every opportunity to live a once in a lifetime experience. The feeling of something of something wild and lonely, the winter walks, the reindeers and of course the northern lights are a few things to admire in this wonderful place, where nature created something really alluring. To me, the best reason to visit Lapland is the breathtaking Northern Lights, known as Aurora Borealis. This nature’s miracle is on many people’s bucket list and we could consider this fact as the proof of the awesomeness of this phenomenon.

Source: Lauren Balzer

2.  Machu Pichu,  Peru

Machu Pichu is one of south America’s most popular attractions. The experience to visit one of the world’s greatest ancient ruins is something that many people wish to accomplish. The ancient inca ruins are considered to be some of the most beautiful and mysterious sites in the world. Plus, besides the walk in history that this trip offers, the spectacular location will leave you speechless.

Source: Cesar and Minou

3. Porto, Portugal

Porto is the second largest city in Portugal after Lisbon. “Porto was love at first sight for me. […] The miradouros peeking above tumbledown rooftops, the history pulsating through alley-woven Ribeira, the random splashes of creativity in street art and azulejos, the musty cellars of big-name port lodges, the design scene, the high-spirited nightlife, the glorious food… Even when you can’t see the river, you can sense it” says  Kerry Christiani. Porto is rapidly becoming one of western Europe’s most popular tourist destinations. Many people say that the most striking characteristic of Porto is that of “faded grandeur”. The city is dominated by a mix of baroque and neoclassical architecture and competition can be found in  only a few cities around the world.

Source: Sylvia Bonnin

4. Cape Town,  South Africa

Cape Town has one of the most extraordinary displays of nature and culture that you’ll find on the continent. Because of the important historic significance that the city holds, Cape Town stands as a symbol of freedom from discrimination. For those who are adventurous, helicopter rides provides a thrilling aerial view of the town.

Source: Lisa Collette

5. Cappadocia, Turkey 

Sitting in the central Anatolian region of Turkey, Cappadocia is one of the most visited destinations of the country. The unique rock covered landscape amazes everyone and constitutes a favorite spot for the photographers. The cave hotels and the cave churches, the hot air balloon rides and the surreal landscape are few of the reasons to visit Cappadocia.

Source: Kristina

6. Cinque Terre, Italy 

First of all, Cinque Terre is not just one place. The name is used to describe an area of land and not one place. There are five main villages that make up the zone of Cinque Terre: Riomaggiore, Manarola, Vernazza,  Corniglia, Monterosso all Mare. It is actually a national park and a Unesco Heritage. The best time to visit Cinque Terre is from May to September so that you will be lucky enough to enjoy the warm and sunny Mediterranean climate.

Source: Julia Engel

7. Cairo, Egypt

When we think of Egypt, the Pyramids come to our mind. As one of the original Seven Wonders of the World, these pyramids have stood there for roughly 4,500 years. The pyramids are definitely a must-visit sightseeing for someone who loves exploration. But the pyramids are not the only thing that will fascinate you if you visit Cairo. The dessert’s heat, the noisy streets and the chaotic way of life will leave you in a culture shock. After a while, the city’s treasures will reveal themselves, leaving you with a delight feeling for this unique city.

Source: Lauren Isacksen

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