Best attire for a job interview: Do’s and Dont’s

What to wear to the job interview?“. This is a common question that makes the last few hours before a job interview very stressful. A warm smile and the right confidence are not always enough to secure the job of your dreams. Among many other features the proper dress code is apparently an important criterion to make a great impression. The truth is that finding the perfect outfit for an interview can turn out to be a very neurotic process. So what is and what isn’t appropriate to wear in an interview?


  1. Choose neutral tones that make you look serious and professional. Searches have shown that bright and intense colours on your outfit could make you look unprofessional and less suitable for the job position. So go for colours like grey, black and brown. Also, blue seems to be the most recommended color by hiring professionals.
  2. Before the interview always keep in mind to make light make up and have your nails clean.
  3. Choose a formal look. Classic black slacks, peep-toe heels with a moderate heel height, a pencil skirt and a blazer are some must-have pieces when it comes to a job interview.
Source: Mary Orton
Source: Mary Orton


  1. Rule number one: don’t wear anything that makes you feel uncomfortable and awkward. You must have the right confidence during the interview. This could be a terrible mistake that would probably distract you from being focused on the questions of your potential employer.
  2. Avoid excessive accessories or anything distracting. When it comes to a job interview, the main purpose is to keep the interest up. If you fail to carry this through, then the job position is a lost cause.
  3. Don’t wear overly casual clothes because that would lead to an unprofessional first impression and that’s the last thing that you want to happen.


Felicia Smith
Source: Cryolin N. Jackson

Last but not least, always remember to be happy in the job interview.

Keep calm and good luck for the interview.


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