The bathroom is the place at our home where we can stay alone and have the peace that we need during a busy day. It’s the place where we can have some relaxing moments for ourselves. But what if our bathroom is small or poorly decorated? We have good news for you. There are plenty of ways to give some extra space to your small bathroom and make it feel like a spa-retreat. Follow these steps and you will have a calming sectuary in your own home.

 1. Paint walls and floor in the same colour

This is a very smart trick that will give some extra space to your bathroom. Choose neutral and earthy tones to enhance the relaxation that it will provide. Even better, choose the same colour for the walls AND floor.

Source: HGTV


  2. Use some storage shelves

These attractive DIY bathroom storage shelves provide plenty of space for towels, soap, cosmetics and more.

Source: Home BNC


  3. Put a few flower pots

Use flower pots to improve the air quality inside your bathroom. Plus they are a lovely visual addition to a space, creating softness and adding color.

Source: Bless’ er House


4. Add some wall shelves

Organize your bathroom in style by using wall shelves.

Source: Classy Clutter


 5. Put some mason jars over the sink

A beutiful, cheap and smart idea to organize your little bathroom accessories and why not you make up products too.

Source: The Diy Playbook


 6. Hang some frames on the wall

Put some inspirational quote frames on the walls of your bathroom and give some extra relaxing vibe in the space.

Source: Remodel Aholic


7. Light on some candles

Candles always enhance the romantism but the calmness too. The atmosphere in your bathroom will  be so much peaceful with some candles burning. Even better, let some aromatic candles burning during the day and everytime you visit your bathroom a scent of freshment will lead you to relaxation and joy.

Source: Home bunch








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