I often find myself having a hard time to focus on things that really matter for my career development. Many times I ask myself “how can I be more productive?“. I  guess that this is a question that will keep coming up again and again. Every determined person wants to get more done and to feel a sense of accomplishment as each day comes to an end. But how can you be more productive? How can you give the best of yourself without wasting any of your time? Time is money, they say. This is pretty much a stressful phrase, sometimes though motivational.

Iulian Olariu who calls himself “a professional trainer passionate about learning and development”,  has given us some really  great tips on his presentation 24 Time Management Hacks to Develop for Increased Productivity by SlideShare. You’d be wise to establish these habits when you’re young, because they’re as relevant to a 22-year-old intern as they are to a 50-year-old executive.

Source: Pinterest
  1. Have a purpose

    Create a clear vision of what you are willing to accomplish. A purpose will help you to avoid an amount of job that is not essential.

  2. Act
    Don’t wait for the perfect time. Start working not later, but now!
  3. Stop delaying your tasks
    Don’t postpone unpleasant tasks. What you have to do, do it now.
  4. Focus
    Be fully engaged with a single task.
  5. Stop Multitasking
    Multitasking leads to many things started and nothing finished.
  6. Set Deadlines
    Budget your time and establish a due date to help yourself accomplish more.
  7. Stop checking your e-mail that often
    You will accomplish more important goals throughout the day if your inbox stops getting you distracted.
  8. Delete your incoming e-mails
    Reply to your e-mails the time that you read them. Don’t postpone it.
  9. Make priorities
    Make a list of what is important for you and what is not. Spend your time on things that have the greatest value for you.
  10. Don’t confuse urgent with important
    Sometimes urgent activities could be attended later or even dropped out.
  11. Keep notes
    Don’t overload yourself. Keep your thoughts and tasks on a piece of paper for a clearer mind.
  12. Create a schedule
    How are you going to make the best use of your available time? Plan your tasks.
  13. Organize
    You will feel more in control if you know exactly where to find something, plus you will save some time from searching for it.
  14. Be punctual
    If you are not on time, this will affect your credibility.
  15. Make the most out of any meeting
    Build an Agenda, search for a purpose, get involved and contribute.
  16. Think twice of your social media activity
    Sometimes using social media is a waste of time. It makes you unproductive but also it tires your mind with useless information.
  17. Don’t read the news
    Don’t waste your time with things that you can’t influence and that are not relevant to what you want to achieve.
  18. Take breaks
    Let your brain have some rest and recharge.
  19. Eat healthy
    Choose a meal that will fuel your body and that will help you perform through the day.
  20. Exercise more
    Physical exercise has a profound effect in your energy, happiness and well-being.
  21. Sleep well
    Rest your body and mind and refuel your performance and productivity for the next day.
  22. Wake up early
    Early mornings are great time to be productive.
  23. Rebuild your habits
    How can you perform better through the day? Keep this question in mind and reconsider ff your current habits are constructive for your purpose.
  24. Be responsive
    It’s your time and you are 100% in charge of how you are spending it.

Feautured image: The every girl


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