You bought the air tickets, booked a nice hotel room, made a plan of facilities for every day of your trip and now you are waiting for the days to pass until your next destination. There’s one more thing though, that makes you even more excited. The thought of the amazing photos you are about to take on your vacation. But what if this time you take some photos like if you were professional, that will leave everyone speechless once you post them on the social media? Here are a few tips that will give you some inspiration.

1. Use a real camera

Phone cameras have come a long way, but still they can’t be compared with a professional camera. If you don’t own one, then a good investment would be in a mirrorless camera. They are smaller than the dSLR and easier to carry them around, plus they usually cost less. If you are a beginner you can learn more about these two types of cameras by reading this article about the differences between dSLR and mirrorless cameras. In case that you can’t afford one though and prefer to use your phone instead, you can follow the rest of the tips and still take amazing photos.

Source: Best Buy

2. Edit your photos

Don’t use instagram to edit your photos, since the filters of the app are not designed to make the pictures look professional. Instead try some professional editors. You can find many online and free such as PixlrFotorBe funkyPic Monkey and many more to choose from.

Source: Free People

3. Search for inspiration

Instagram is the ultimate source of inspiration for your travel photos. There are millions of users who post incredible pictures of landscapes and sightseeings. Lauren Bullen and Jack Morris are a couple who became extremely popular through their instagram accounts and are a great source of inspiration for photo travellers from around the world. You can visit their accounts to get some inspo.

Source: Jack Morris

4. Plan your trip

It won’t only help you to have a schedule during the days of your visit, but it will help you to create a list of the places that you want to photograph.

Source: The travelling mom

5. Shoot at golden hours

The hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset are called golden hours. That time is when everything is so quiet and peaceful making it the best time of day to shoot.

Source: Brika

6. Include yourself in the pictures

This can be very frustrating sometimes since we are not all good at taking great pictures of ourselves. There are some tips though, to make it happen and finally take a shot that you never thought you could. Once again I will give you the example of Lauren Bullen and Jack Morris. These two include theirselves in most of their photos. The key to take these incredible pictures is that they are always far away from the camera. That’s right. They take position at the place that they want to shoot. This way they avoid the most common mistake which is posing right in front of the camera and hiding a big part of the view.

Source: Gypsea Lust



7. Get some help

Ask from someone to take pictures of you and guide them so that they will know exactly how you want to be the final result.

Source: The hardy boy

8. Wander

Planning your trip is a must to take great photos of your favorite spots. But wouldn’t it be ideal if you didn’t take pictures only of the most mainstream places of your destination? Loose your map and explore the streets and the landscapes. Find the beauty where it is hidden.

Source: Folk Mountains

9. Capture a candid moment

Introduce movement to your shoots. Stiff poses and fake smiles can turn out to be really boring. Catch a spontaneous moment and your picture will  look more natural.

Source: Classic Woodie

10. Keep practicing

Just keep practicing until you become a master at photography.



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