Living in a small apartment is unpleasant for everyone. Small rooms can be problematic in many ways. From the lack of storage to the lack of comfort, it is obvious for everyone to realise that living in a large house has more benefits and can actually make you happier. But there are some tricks that will make the rooms in your house look larger and some others that can help you storage more staff, avoiding at the same time to fill the room with extra furniture.

  • Light up the area

A light room will appear larger than it is really is. By opening the windows the room is connected to the outdoors, making it feel more spacious and wide.

Source: Bloglovin
  • Keep it clean and tidy

An untidy room will always look smaller. Sloppiness can even make your home look half its size.

Source: decouvrir l’ endroit du decor.
  • Add some bookcases

Books don’t just make your place look more elegant, but can also add height to a room by drawing the eye upwards.

Source: My Domain


  • Place your furniture in the right positions

Don’t let the furniture block walkways. Instead place them close to the walls and free some space. This way you will create the illusion that the rooms are bigger than they actually are.

Source: Shades of Blue Interiors
  • Decorate with some mirrors

Mirrors can make a room look twice its size. Place a mirror at the right position so that it will reflect the natural light that comes in the room and the area will appear brighter and bigger.

Source: Design Maze
  • Keep the furniture off the floor

Choose furniture with raised on legs and your home will look larger than it really is.

Source: Pinterest
  • Choose smaller furniture

Large furniture capture a lot of space in your house. So, instead, place smaller furniture and let yourself move around more freely.

Source: My Domain
  • Avoid busy patterns

Decorate your rooms with soft colours and avoid fuss in order to make your home look tidy and of course… bigger!

Source: Style me pretty

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