When we are on vacation the last thing we want is to fight with the person (or people) that is with us. Usually this is something impossible to avoid. When you visit a place that you have never been before, difficulties will appear out of nowhere. You can’t stay off from this. Still you have to keep your calmness and find quick resolutions with the help of your partner in order to save your trip.

Organise perfectly your trip

Before the first day of your trip, everything must be already perfectly organised. First of all, create a timeline of every facility you are about to do during the days of your stay. Make a list of the places that you want to visit and study the map of the town/village/island etc. you are visiting. Secondly, if you are visiting another country with a foreign language, before you go there, learn some key phrases, like “how can I go to…” or “how much does this cost?”.

Source: Vine & Light

Spend some time separate (if needed)

Everybody needs some time alone sometimes. When you are on 7-day trip for example, you can’t be 24h/w with someone else, even if that someone else is you significant other. Take time for yourself and go for a couple of hours out to explore the city. Just know where you’re going, where to meet up and how to come in contact with each other.

Source: ironandvalor

Set the phone aside

Being addicted to your phone would probably be catastrophic for your trip. Take photos, check your social media accounts, but don’t overdo it. Dedicate time to your partner and the unique moments that you spend together.

Source: Shop Style

Discuss the financial details

If one of you is spending too much money while having a common pot, that’s a fair cause for the one to get mad. Set priorities for where and when you want to spend your money and make a fair compromise. Avoid the disagreement by discussing the travel expenses before your trips starts.

Source: Natasha Oakley

Don’t make the little things a big deal

Contretemps happen everyday and certainly in every travel. But every little bad luck shouldn’t be a reason to flare up. Just keep calm and every little thing is gonna be alright!


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